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 Situated in the North East industrial area of Regina, Saskatchewan at 230A Hodsman Road, "Old Dudes' Cycle" was formed early in 2013. Easily accessible from the Ring Road, a major artery circling the city, just take the McDonald St exit and head a little north then a left on Hodsman Road. Following this around you will see a well-signed building (thanks to our neighbours at Accent Striping). Typically upon entering you will be greeted by a big furry old dude named Wayne. Dan or Mike may also be working in the back.  The hallway leading in has a bulletin board to the right with posters of motorcycle related events while on the left is a board with bikes and parts for sale. Just beyond that is a huge board where people post pictures of "Motorcycling in Saskatchewan." As you enter the shop area, the parts counter and coffee/waiting area are to your right. The work area in the back is where you will probably find one of us elbow deep in a project. 

What We Offer


The work we do ranges from complete ground up bike builds to run of the mill maintenance, like oil and tire changes. We are on line with most major suppliers including Parts Canada, Preston, Motovan and MidWest. Staff have a good working knowledge of what parts will fit what. If you have an idea for something "one of", we can help you.

Repair & Services


 When it comes to the power train we specialize in pre-1999 Harleys. When we disassemble a motor or tranny we contact the customer to show them the internal wear of their existing parts and make recommendations. When we are building a chopper we do the same thing, always letting the customer know and see what is happening at each stage of the build. We realize that if you have a custom bike, it means more to you than just transportation, so we want you to be comfortable leaving your prized possession with us. We are fully insured, do SGI claims, and do our best to make sure each and every customer is satisfied. 

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 We invite you to come in for a cup of coffee and check out the place or phone us at 

306-543-0114 to discuss your particular project or to see about parts availability.  

Thanks for your time and "Ride Safe".   --Wayne, Dan & Mike


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230 A Hodsman Road Regina, Saskatchewan S4N 5X4

(306) 543-0114

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